Today is Memorial Day;  Monday, May 25th.  Traditionally it’s consider the beginning of Summer…BBQ’s, a long weekend, and great sales.

I, however, prefer to remember those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this great country – their lives.  I am truly grateful to them; you and I benefit from the Freedoms we have as Americans because so many have fought and died to preserve our Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

I haven’t personally known anyone who died while serving in the military.  I’ve read lots of stories and viewed many movies – from the Revolutionary to Civil to WWI and WWII to Korea to the wars which have taken place in my lifetime. I admire the courage, the conviction, and the conflict of the American soldier – whether he willingly went off to fight or not.   The heartache of leaving those he loved. The fear he had to face. The anger towards death & evil he witnessed.

I live in a community where I see soldiers almost every day.  A week or so ago I thought to myself, “how can I express my gratitude?”  And so I decided that I would like to bless a woman who knows the pain of losing her husband because he gave the greatest gift he could give…his life for others.  I can never express fully how grateful I am, but I hope my small gesture will help in the healing process – I am offering a complimentary Relaxation Facial (60 minutes).

Please share….I have mentioned this on my Facebook page, but so far I haven’t heard from anyone.  She may contact me at 360-381-3989, texting ok.


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