Yoga is for everyone – young, old, athletes, and even those with physical limitations. This ancient practice improves breathing, flexibility, relieves joint pain, tones muscles, calms the nervous system, and promotes detoxification.

Group Classes:

Thrive Community Fitness in Lacey
5401 Corporate Center Loop SE
Lacey, Washington
Mondays 8pm – Hatha Flow
Nearing Total Health
4520 Intelco Loop SE
Lacey, Washington
Private sessions only
Firefly Yoga Studio
4450 Pacific Ave SE
Lacey, Washington
Wednesdays  Noon – Flow
Fridays Noon – Gentle
Your Home/Office
$75 for 3, $10 for each additional attendee

Vena teaches flow yoga classes as well as offering specialized yoga series.  During each class, a variety of poses, or asanas, are held and flowed through to stretch, strengthen, and improve balance, stamina, and proprioception.  Modifications are always offered for those who have physical or health limitations or for those who would prefer to challenge themselves.

 Private Instruction:

At Studio

Individual $60

Couple $80

In home/office

Individual $75

Couple $95

Private sessions are the perfect solution for a couple of reasons. First, for those who have never attended a class and are a little intimidated; usually after a session or two most people feel confident enough to attend classes. Secondly for individuals who have specific goals and/or limitations.  Vena has worked with athletes, soldiers, the elderly, and those with injuries or issues which are more easily addressed one on one than in a class setting. Vena has use of a couple of studios, one in Lacey and one in Tumwater.  She will also come to you – to your office, home, or other venue of your choosing.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Series:

yf warriorsCertified in YogaFit for Warriors, Vena has designed a specific trauma sensitive program.She has 3 specific series : Yoga for Survivors – designed for women survivors of abuse , Yoga for Warriors -designed for Veterans, Soldiers, and First Responders who live with PTSD/PTS, and Yoga for Vitality – designed for those who live with depression or anxiety and may  live with PTSD (perhaps a car accident, surgery, or  witness to suffering) .  The series is $199 for once a week sessions for 8 weeks. Vena will travel to bring the life changing series to you with a minimum of 6 participants.

Yoga for Vitality starts in January

Saturdays 1-2:30pm at Firefly Yoga Studio in Lacey

1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10

By activating their natural healing mechanisms, participants can experience the release of physical and emotional trauma.  These releasing techniques help reset nerve impulses, and unresolved tension held in the body.

Over time, this series will help participants to:

  • Heal troubling emotions
  • Reduce persevering thought patterns
  • Diminish chronic somatic (physical) tension
  • Diminish hyper vigilance

Each session includes:

  • Various yoga poses
  • Breathing methods
  • Meditaion practices
  • Essential Oils
  • Handouts for reference throughout the week